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The Punter has 40 years experience in betting on Horse Racing in South Africa. During this time he has refined a unique approach for making a consistent profit from punting. 

He's worked successfully as a professional punter and is a former race horse owner, with runners in 4 centres in South Africa. 

The Punter believes knowledge is vital for anyone punting the horses. Over the years, he's gained priceless behind-the-scenes knowledge from trainers, jockeys and owners. 

From countless hours analyzing form, he has developed a method of Punting for Profit.

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South Africa Horse Racing Tips for all centres excl. Flamingo Park. 

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The 3 Pillars of Punting for Profit

Horse Racing betting profit

The odds in Horse Racing are stacked against punters. But it is possible to make a consistent profit for a relatively small outlay. 

Over the years I've successfully made a profit from horse racing, and have also punted professionally. 

There are 3 pillars to the "Punt for Profit" philosophy. In my view , these pillars are the difference between profit and loss when betting on Horse Racing.  

The first pillar is Discipline

This means you must decide on what you want to invest in punting , and stick to it consistently. You should never punt more than you can afford. 

There is no shortage of stock in this game - tomorrow is another race meeting, with new opportunities to make a profit from horse racing

Discipline means walking away when results are not going your way, instead of punting yourself deeper into a hole. It also means walking away when you've had a good win, so that you don't give all the money back by the time you leave the tote. 

Wise punters don't play all 9 races on a card, or go big on every race meeting. My SA horse racing tips advise punters to focus on certain races, and also whether a race meeting is worth investing in or not. 

Discipline is about controlling your investment in individual bets, rather than blowing your budget on a single punt. It is always better to get a percentage of a winning bet, than nothing from a losing bet. 

That's why the second "Punt for Profit" pillar is Bet Construction

Punters often have the right instincts but don't construct the right bets to turn those instincts into profits. 

My horse racing tips place a big focus on Exotics. If you construct these bets correctly, PA's, Jackpots and Bipots can put the odds in your favor like no other bet. You can also be successful for a relatively small outlay because you can take percentages.  

I've also had plenty of success over the years with straight bets and All-to-comes. 

In my view, punters who are serious about making a profit from horse racing should only play the Pick6 on big race days with carry over pools, rather than as a regular bet. 

Of course the returns from Pick 6's are attractive, but as a regular bet there are far more affordable, and better, options for investing your money. 

Of course, both Bet Construction and Discipline matter very little without good analysis of a race card. 

The third "Punt for Profit" pillar is Knowledge

Without good form analysis and study of a race card, the odds are against any punter trying to make a profit from horse racing

I'm basically here to level the playing field for punters by sharing knowledge and SA horse racing tips

Horse racing can be very rewarding for any punter who sticks to the "Punt for Profit" philosophy.

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